Honest The Venus Factor Reviews – Should Buy It?

Every woman in the world all desires to have a perfect body. However, It seems to be difficult because they do not have enough time to go gym day by day, especially for those women who have had children. Women tend to be probably not happy with their body because it is too soft and squishy after having a birth or it is overweight. Weight loss for women is often frustrating and largely unsuccessful. However, from now on, It is easy for you to get a desirable body with the appearance of The Venus Factor program.

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Why women need weight loss program?

Weight-loss programs are usually run by a commercial business or organization that provides weight-loss guidance: exercise equipment, workout DVDs, or food and beverage items. Ideally, an effective weight-loss program should include guidance in maintaining a healthy weight after the weight-loss phase is over. The program should teach skills that help improve dietary habits, increase physical activity, and help change lifestyle habits- with an ultimate goal of long-term weight maintenance. Because those are just guidance for weight-loss so it is safer than weight-loss products.

What’s Venus Factor Program?

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The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system for the female body that has taken an absolute new approach to weight loss for women. It focuses on building muscle while burning fat.

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What’s the secret of Venus Factor program?

First of all, you have to know some facts about “weight-loss” to understand how Venus Factor is different from another weight loss programs.

Firstly, the most effective way to lose weight and maintain weight-loss over time is to monitor calorie intake, follow a healthy balanced diet, and be physically active. The Body Centric eating plan included in Venus Factor shows you how to find the right eating formula for your specific needs and the caloric intake calculated according to your weight, height and measurements.

Secondly, many diet products and programs offer a quick short-term fix, but there is no “magic bullet” for weight-loss. Venus Factor is all about shaping the body and getting perfect figure. You need to stick to the plan, workout hard with 100% dedication. You may be feel confuse because you do not have enough time to do this exercise. Don’t worry! It’s easy because no expensive gym equipment needed, all are home workouts. You can work out at home whenever you have free time. Moreover, Venus Factor system includes access to a great online VF Community of other women who are going through the exact same process. You are able to give each other encouragement and share your victories.

Thirdly, weight-loss products may be sold in prescription or over-the-counter form- and may include pills, supplements, beverages, or medication. Many of these substances may have serious side-effects and often do not work for long-term weight-loss. But Venus Factor is really safe. The Venus Factor Workout Manual - this is probably the most important part of the program and includes a step-by-step 12 week workout that can help you shape and tone your muscles through resistance training. The Venus factor is a 12 week fitness program which is divided into 3 phases. Each of these phases is 4 weeks long. During each of the phases you’re given a specific workout plan to follow. You have access to the complete routine with pictures, explanations, and videos that you can use to follow along and keep the correct form of all the workouts

Finally, It’s absolutely crucial you make it a priority to aim for the your best shape based on your current body proportions and have a workout plan that is structured in a way that does this for you. The Main Manual which is included in Venus Factor program can help you determine your ideal Venus Index Ratio and decide whether you need to lose or gain weight to achieve it.

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  • The workouts are all shown in video and pictures so it’s easy to follow and do all the workouts correctly.
  • The program can work for any woman, at any fitness level. You just need to be in good health to be able to do the workouts.
  • The program isn’t about pounds and weighing yourself. You just need to get into the best shape for your body. You’re not competing with anyone else.
  • You don’t need to count calories or to limit yourself too much. You can enjoy your favorite foods, within reason, of course.
  • No expensive gym equipment needed, all are home workouts.
  • Comes with 60 days painless 100% money back guarantee.


  • The nutrition element gives a lot of freedom, perhaps too much freedom. Some women would have found a more structured eating plan useful.
  • Venus Factor system is all about shaping the body and getting perfect figure. If you are looking to shed few pounds quickly then this program is not for you.
  • You need to stick to the plan, workout hard with 100% dedication.
  • Only works for women. If you are a man, this program is absolutely useless for you!
  • The program is based on “workouts” – so if you have any bone injury, this is not for you
  • Digital product only. No Physical products will be shipped to you. So you’ll need to download

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